California's UIM Coverage for Bicyclists

Navigating bicycle accident claims in California often involves misconceptions about insurance coverage. At the Law Offices of Adrianos Facchetti, we unravel the truth behind these assumptions to guide you through the complexities of bicycle accident personal injury cases.

Myth #1: "No Claims for Bicycle Injuries"

In California, there’s a widespread belief that injuries sustained while riding a bicycle aren’t claimable. However, this isn’t entirely accurate. If you’re riding a regular bicycle and injured by a motor vehicle, there’s a potential avenue for claim under your automobile insurance policy—specifically, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UIM). This coverage allows you to claim if the at-fault party lacks sufficient insurance coverage or has no insurance at all.

Myth #2: Electric Bikes and Insurance Coverage

Contrastingly, the scenario changes when riding an electric bike during an accident. Many insurance companies exclude coverage for such incidents. Electric bikes, depending on their Class, are deemed as motor vehicles, requiring separate insurance. Most insurers will not extend coverage under a standard bicycle policy for accidents involving electric bikes.

The Reality of Insurance Coverage

The critical takeaway for bicyclists involved in accidents lies in understanding UIM coverage. For those riding regular bicycles, exploring the possibility of UIM coverage under their automobile insurance policy becomes crucial to seek compensation for damages caused by a motor vehicle.

However, for electric bike riders, the absence of coverage in standard policies necessitates additional insurance considerations. Acquiring separate insurance specifically tailored for electric bikes becomes imperative to ensure coverage in case of accidents.

The Law Offices of Adrianos Facchetti urges individuals involved in bicycle accidents to examine their insurance policies. Checking for UIM coverage in the event of a regular bicycle accident and considering obtaining specialized insurance for electric bikes are pivotal steps to protect oneself in unforeseen situations.


Don’t let misconceptions deter you. Seek guidance from our team to navigate through insurance intricacies and secure the rightful compensation you deserve in bicycle accident personal injury cases.

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