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A huge part of a dog owner’s responsibility is to protect others from attacks by their dog. But, even then, dog bite incidents are inevitable. So, a dog owner is also accountable (within limits defined by state law) for any harm that their dog might cause to other people.

In 2021, California alone received 2,026 dog bite cases out of 17,989 personal injury claims filed in the United States. According to Triple I, a leading home insurance company in the United States, this equates to $120.7 million in damages.

Additionally, and quite striking, it’s the highest number of dog bite lawsuits filed in a single state. With approximately 19,321 dogs living in Burbank, it’s not uncommon to witness dog attack incidents. Unsurprisingly, most of those cases proceed to trial.

Sure, you might try an out-of-court settlement or a do-it-yourself representation. But without an expert analysis of the long-term consequences, you will be less likely to be fairly compensated for injuries. Similarly, as a dog owner, the likelihood that the injured party negotiates more compensation than they deserve is high.

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It’s a valid question. And we understand how crucial it’s for you to get a top dog bite lawyer when seeking compensation for dog bite injuries incurred. So here are aspects of our law firm that sets us apart from the others:

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Understanding Important California Dog Bite Incident Laws

Under California law, you can file your injury claims resulting from dog attacks within two years from the injury’s date. However, whether you have a claim for a dog bite injury or own a dog, you’ll need to understand California’s state law on pet owners’ civil and criminal liability when mounting a dog bite claim or defending against it.

Unlike some states, California follows the “strict liability” standard of fault concerning dog bite injury claims. Therefore, the dog owner is liable for damages caused, and they can’t argue that they didn’t know that their dog was capable of hurting someone.

Likewise, they can’t argue that they took measures to prevent their dog from attacking or that they had no reason to believe that the dog might be dangerous. In other words, there’s no necessity to prove the dog owner’s negligence during court proceedings.

Ultimately, a dog owner is strictly liable when the injured party was bitten and was at a public place or lawfully at a private place when the dog attacked.

However, there are specific scenarios that can excuse the dog owner’s liability, including:
1. The employer’s dog injured the victim while on duty
2. The injured person provoked the dog into biting them
3. The victim of a dog bite was trespassing which led to the attack
4. The victim is a veterinary officer or their assistant, and they were attending to the dog at the time of the attack

There’s also a law that incentivizes dog owners to put “reasonable measures” in place to “prevent” repeatable dog attacks. This means you can file a case against an animal owner whose dog has attacked people on separate occasions.

Under such law, a person may be criminally culpable for their dog’s ensuing attack. As a result, they may be charged with a misdemeanor if the injured person sustains minor injuries, or a felony if the person sustains fatal injuries.

Judges apply different norms and standards when making judgments for different dog bite claims. And that’s because every claim is different, including any applicable exceptions.

Injuries Resulting from Burbank Dog Bites

Dog bite injuries can vary from less traumatic ones to severe physical and emotional distress with other accompanying complications. Most dogs attack with their teeth and nails, with many victims being infants and children. Many dogs bite victims sustain common injuries such as:
• Fractures
• Soft tissue injury
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Lacerations and bruises
• Permanent scarring or disfigurement
• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Compensation You Can Receive After a Dog Bite Incident

There are different claims that victims of dog attacks can bring before the judge’s attention. For instance, delivery people and mail carriers mount a worker’s compensation claim. We recognize that most of you might not consider yourself as someone eligible for such a claim, but it’s valid under the law.

With the resulting injuries come hefty medical bills while undergoing medical treatment. You also need time to recover from the injuries incurred, resulting in lost wages if employed. And even more compelling there is the potential for lost earning capacity if the physical and psychological trauma becomes permanent. So all these factors are considered compensatory damages in the legal process.

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