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At the Law Offices of Adrianos Facchetti, your best interests are our #1 priority. You can expect personal attention and firm but compassionate leadership for your case. Learn about all of the areas of law we emphasize at the firm. 

Personal injury law encompasses many types of cases. If you suffer harm from another party’s negligence, you deserve top representation. When you are injured, you may be out of work and have mounting medical expenses. Your pain and suffering may hurt your entire family. Let us help with your case and bring you justice. At the Law Offices of Adrianos Facchetti, we have defended victims around Los Angeles for over 18 years. We win fair settlements and always fight for innocent victims.

Bicycle Accidents

If you were riding a bicycle and were injured by a car, you may be able to receive compensation. If a motor vehicle cut you off, ran a traffic signal, or entered the bike lane by mistake, you may have experienced substantial damage. Also, you may have been injured from a fall that occurred from roads that were not maintained, animals that obstructed your path, or pedestrians and cyclists that got in the way. We will examine your case and determine whether or not you have a solid claim.

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are the most common types of personal injury claims. When an incident occurs, it is often due to the negligence of a driver who is not following the rules of the road and is being reckless. If you were harmed in an accident that involved a driver under the influence or another type of careless behavior, you have a right to compensation.

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Motorcycle accidents are often caused by careless and faulty drivers. Since motorcycle drivers have little protection on the road, injuries may be severe and require extensive medical treatment. If you face a long recovery from the negligence of another party, our firm will fight for your rights.
Big rigs can cause a lot of damage on the road. Many truck drivers operate rigs when they are too tired or are under the influence. The effects may be devastating. Our team will fight insurance companies to make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

If you were harmed while on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensation. Land owners must provide safe conditions. Things like slip and falls are common cases. Let our team assess your situation and create a case that brings you justice.

In California, a dog’s owner is responsible for bites and similar injuries. Our team successfully negotiates with insurance companies so that victims receive adequate compensation for injuries. It’s essential to understand the strict liability of the state. Our team will help.

Police Misconduct

The police are usually the good guys, but sometimes you may be the victim of misconduct. If you have experienced a false arrest, malicious prosecution, or excessive force, you deserve compensation. These cases can get complicated. Our team knows how to overcome government immunity and how to make sure the law protects you.

If a loved one has died due to the negligence of another party, you have a right to receive compensation. The grief of losing a loved one is unending, and financial matters add to the problems. We will prove that another party was at fault for the incident and fight for damages.

When catastrophic injuries linger from an accident, you may be left incapacitated. Spinal cord and brain injuries make it impossible to live life normally. Whether the results are short-term or not, the financial implications may be devastating. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys will fight hard so that you receive the highest compensation possible.

Have you faced hardship due to a personal injury?

If you have been in an accident and require trustworthy representation, consider working with the Law Offices of Adrianos Facchetti. Our team will work aggressively to make sure that the guilty party pays for your injuries, pain, and suffering. For added convenience, we are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. To receive the personal attention that you deserve, call us today.

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