5 Methods to Verify Your Attorney's Credibility

Considering legal representation? Lawyers may present an impressive front during consultations, but savvy clients often prefer going the extra mile in research before sealing the deal.

A quick detour to the attorney’s website or state bar profile can unveil information that might not have been disclosed during your meeting. Similarly, ranking-and-review platforms like Yelp can spill the beans, providing a trove of insights from past clients.

Curious about your lawyer’s legitimacy?

Here are five snappy ways to conduct your research:

1. State Bar Profile: The Legal Rolodex

Every licensed lawyer in your home state should be part of your state bar association’s directory. Don’t be swayed by the use of “Esq.” in letterheads – it doesn’t guarantee a valid license. Find your lawyer on your state’s bar association website (try California‘s for instance) using their state bar number or full name. The profile includes basic contact info, eligibility to practice law, and any ethical bumps along the way, including suspensions.

2. Google / Search Engines: Unearth the Details

Got questions? Google has answers. Look up your attorney to find news stories, publications, or websites linked to them. Be prepared for a bit of digging, but the gems of information are worth it.

3. Yelp: Unfiltered Client Narratives

Beyond the courthouse reviews, Google should lead you to your attorney’s Yelp profile. While local reviews might lack depth, Yelp tends to offer a more insightful view. Remember, take reviews with a pinch of skepticism.

4. Attorney's Own Website: The Digital Reflection

Explore your attorney’s website for accolades, publications, testimonials, and even details on free consultations. A well-designed site reflects professionalism, but a poorly crafted one might be a red flag.

5. Third-Party Rating Groups: Recognizing Excellence

Beyond your state’s bar association and Yelp, third-party groups can spot exceptional lawyers. Consider Super Lawyers, a rating service with a patented selection process. It separates the outstanding from the rest.


Beyond basic eligibility, our guidance emphasizes the revelation of disciplinary actions or suspensions. This transparency empowers clients by providing a nuanced understanding of their potential legal representative’s history. As you navigate the legal landscape, this additional tip ensures that you’re not only hiring a lawyer but securing the right partner for your legal journey.

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