Essential Tips for Delivery Drivers Before Starting with Grubhub

If you’re considering becoming a delivery driver for Grubhub, you’re likely eager to start earning money while enjoying the flexibility of this popular gig economy job. However, there are several important factors to consider before hitting the road. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to succeed as a Grubhub delivery driver, including essential tips, requirements, and strategies to maximize your earnings.

Grubhub's Requirements for Delivery Drivers

Before you start delivering, it’s crucial to understand Grubhub’s specific requirements for drivers. These requirements ensure that you are well-prepared and meet the standards expected by the company.

Age and Vehicle Requirements

  • Minimum Age: You must be at least 19 years old to drive for Grubhub (21 in Chicago).
  • Vehicle: Grubhub allows deliveries via car, motorcycle, scooter, and bicycle in select areas. Ensure your vehicle is in good condition and reliable.
  • Insurance: You must have valid auto insurance that meets your state’s minimum coverage requirements. Grubhub also provides supplemental insurance during active deliveries.

Documentation and Background Check

  • Driver’s License: A valid driver’s license is mandatory.
  • Background Check: Grubhub conducts a background check that includes your driving record and criminal history. A clean record increases your chances of approval.
  • Smartphone: A smartphone with a reliable data plan is necessary for using the Grubhub driver app and navigating deliveries.

Maximize Your Earnings with Grubhub

Earning potential as a Grubhub driver varies based on several factors. Here are strategies to help you maximize your income.

Grubhub's Pay Structure

Each delivery has a base pay determined by distance, time, and order complexity. Customers can tip within the app or in cash, and providing excellent service can lead to higher tips. Grubhub offers various promotions, such as bonuses for completing a certain number of deliveries within a specific time frame. Understanding these elements helps you strategize to increase your earnings.

Choosing the Best Times and Locations

Deliver during peak hours (lunch and dinner) when demand is highest. Focus on areas with a high concentration of restaurants and customers to increase delivery opportunities. Bad weather can increase demand for delivery services, potentially leading to higher earnings. Utilizing this knowledge, you can plan your shifts for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Safety Tips for Grubhub Delivery Drivers

1. Practice Defensive Driving

When on the road, always stay alert and anticipate potential hazards. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and adapt to changing traffic conditions swiftly to avoid accidents.

2. Use Phone Mounts and Voice Navigation

Secure your phone with a mount to keep it within reach and minimize distractions. Utilize voice navigation for directions to reduce the need for visual interaction with your device while driving.

3. Trust Your Instincts for Personal Safety

If you feel unsafe during a delivery, prioritize your well-being. Leave the area promptly and contact Grubhub support for assistance in handling any challenging situations.

4. Minimize Cash Transactions

Encourage customers to tip through the Grubhub app rather than using cash. This practice streamlines transactions and reduces the risk of theft or payment disputes.

5. Maintain Your Vehicle Regularly

Perform routine checks on your vehicle before each shift. Ensure brakes, tires, lights, and other essential components are in optimal condition to prevent accidents due to mechanical issues.

Preparing for Your First Day as a Grubhub Driver

Getting ready for your first delivery day involves more than just downloading the app. Proper preparation can make a significant difference in your efficiency and earnings.

Fill out all necessary information in the Grubhub driver app, including your contact details and banking information for direct deposits. Attend any required virtual or in-person orientation sessions to familiarize yourself with Grubhub’s policies and procedures.

Invest in an insulated delivery bag to keep food orders fresh and warm. A phone mount for your car helps you navigate safely without distractions. Keep a phone charger in your vehicle to ensure your smartphone is always powered.

Spend some time exploring the Grubhub driver app before your first shift. Learn how to accept and complete orders, navigate to restaurants and delivery addresses, and communicate with customers. Understanding the app’s features can save you time and reduce stress during your deliveries.

Review the areas you’ll be delivering in and plan your routes ahead of time. Familiarize yourself with the main roads, shortcuts, and high-traffic areas. This preparation will help you navigate efficiently and avoid delays.

Wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing. As a delivery driver, you’ll be getting in and out of your vehicle frequently, so dressing in layers and wearing comfortable shoes is important. Also, consider wearing a Grubhub-branded shirt or hat to make it easier for customers to identify you.

Providing excellent customer service can lead to better tips and higher ratings. Be polite and professional with customers, communicate clearly about any issues or delays, and handle food orders with care. Good customer service can significantly enhance your overall experience as a Grubhub driver.

Understanding Grubhub Driver Insurance

Before hitting the road as a Grubhub delivery driver, it’s crucial to understand the insurance requirements and policies associated with the job.

Grubhub Insurance Requirements

Grubhub requires all drivers to have valid auto insurance. This ensures that drivers are covered in the event of an accident. The specific requirements can vary by state, but generally, drivers must have:

  • Personal auto insurance: This is a standard requirement for all drivers. Your personal auto insurance must be up-to-date and meet your state’s minimum liability coverage.
  • Proof of insurance: Drivers must provide proof of insurance when signing up and periodically update this information to continue driving for Grubhub.

Grubhub Driver Insurance Coverage

Grubhub provides additional insurance coverage, known as DriverCare, which includes:

  • Excess Auto Liability Insurance: This covers drivers for liability above their personal auto insurance policy. It activates if the driver’s insurance policy does not fully cover the damages in the event of an accident during an active delivery.
  • Contingent Comprehensive and Collision: This is an optional coverage that can be used if the driver’s vehicle is damaged in an accident while on a delivery, provided the driver has personal comprehensive and collision coverage.

Steps to File a Grubhub Insurance Claim


Gather Information

Collect all necessary details about the incident, including photographs, witness statements, and any other relevant information.


Contact Grubhub Support

Use the Grubhub app to report the accident and start the claims process.


Work with the Insurance Partner

Follow the instructions provided by Grubhub’s insurance partner. They will guide you through the next steps, including any required inspections or documentation.


Repair and Reimbursement

Once your claim is approved, you can proceed with vehicle repairs. Keep all receipts and documentation for reimbursement purposes.

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